Friday, Saturday and Sunday
12h of classes (lindy hop only)
3 parties with a live-band

   CHF 350 (regular)
   CHF 310 (student)

IsThereHop? PLUS
Friday to Monday
16h of classes (12h lindy hop, 4h solo jazz)
3 parties with a live-band

   CHF 420 (regular)
   CHF 380 (student)

Only Friday and Saturday
8h of classes (lindy hop only)
2 parties with a live-band

   CHF 290 (regular)
   CHF 250 (student)

Note: IsThereHöppli Tacks are quite limited. First come, first served.

Only Monday                                                                        
4h of classes (vintage jazz and solo charleston)

   CHF 100 (regular)
   CHF 80 (student)

It is not possible to book specific lessons only.

We assure that you can enjoy all the listed teachers (except IsThereMonday?)