IsThereHop? 2021

Dear Lindy Hoppers

We hope you are doing well and are getting through the pandemic safe and sound.
When we had to cancel the IsThereHop?-Festival last year, we received a lot of solidarity and support. Many of you agreed to go with only partial or without reimbursement of the festival fees. We also received some additional donations. This was unexpected and overwhelming, and it allowed us to cover expenses as well as a small part of the artists’ salary. Thank you, a lot!

For 2021 we were hoping to bring back IsThereHop? the way we know it. However, it is clear now that because of the ongoing pandemic, this will not be possible. That’s why members of the IsThereHop? team will soon put their heads together to find a small but sweet online alternative for you.

Since the festival can’t happen without you, we need your input. Give us five minutes of your time to fill out our survey and let us know how you want us to celebrate IsThereHop? in 2021.

Thank you

Your IsThereHop? team

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