IsThereHop? 2024


Registrations for IsThereHop 2024 start on February 22nd at 22:02.

Would you like to spend Easter being guided by some of the world’s finest dancers, honing your skills on the dance floor rather than having a picnic in the Gotthard Tunnel? If so, we warmly invite you to join us at IsThereHop 2024!

The Bands:

Palace Avenue Swing Band | London, UK
Natty Congeroo & the Flames of Rhythm | London, UK
Hornsgatan Ramblers | Stockholm, SE

The Teachers:

Joris & Yana
Tatiana & Daniel
Fredrik & Frida
Elice & Sakarias

IsThereHop? 2024 takes place March 29th to April 1st in Zurich

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