Lime Green

You’ve just had a taste of Lindy Hop a few weeks or months ago but you’re already loving it. You’ve already taken a few  classes, you know the Swingout, the Lindy Circle and maybe you’ve already tried some Charleston.

You still feel a bit insecure on the dance floor but you are very motivated to enlarge your repertoire with simple steps and to work on your leading/following skills. Then this is exactly your level. Easy rhythms and kind teachers will help you to enjoy it, and will get you swinging in no time!

Deep Purple

You are an active Lindy Hopper and the social dance floor grabs your attention ever more often. You’ve got the basics down  and can rely on them in any situation. You might have visited a workshop apart from your regular dance lessons your maybe  you train regularly in addition to your dance lessons. Now it is time for you to gain more confidence and variety in your dancing. That’s why in this level you will work on your connection, musicality, faster Swingouts and some fresh moves.

Chocolate Brown

Book this this level, if the following description applies to youThis level is ideal for Lindy Hoppers with several years of experience. You and the dance floor are good friends and you have already attended international workshops. Your dancing is varied and follows the music naturally. Your body tension allows you to establish a good connection with your dance partner and to react to his or her movements. Your ambition and enjoyment of new challenges help you to dance more complicated combinations instead of just reeling them off – even to fast music if necessary. At this level you will further develop your technique and your individual styling. In this level you will work intensively on the quality of your movement, the subtlety of your lead and the details of your styling. Complex songs will be combined with refined body movements. Irregular rhythms may take your thinking to new dimensions on the edge of abstraction. So be warned: the teachers expect you to have a solid foundation and basic concepts of Lindy Hop will not be repeated.