After you register, we will send you the payment details. Please pay as soon as possible. The zoom link will be sent out via email shortly before IsThereHop? 2021 starts.

CHF 30.00 per household
If you invite more than 2 friends over, consider paying a bit more (we suggest an addtional  CHF 5.00 -10.00 per extra person). If you pay from a non-Swiss bank account, make sure the whole sum arrives on our account (banks might deduct transaction fees).

Reduced price
There is no reduced price for IsThereHop? 2021 (so ignore the “Legi” box in the form). Since the fee is per household you can invite some friends and share the cost.

Terms and Conditions (AGBs)
1. The event will be streamed via Zoom. It is, therefore, necessary that you know how to use the Zoom service and that your internet connection is reliable and fast. Make sure that you use the latest version of Zoom.
2. We will prepare as much as possible but technical problems can still occur during the streaming of IsThereHop? and it is not possible to claim a refund because of technical issues.
3. We will make informed choices about the content which will be presented at IsThereHop? 2021. However, we don’t assume liability or responsibility for it.
4. Once bought, it is not possible to cancel a registration.
5. It is forbidden to pass the zoom link to others.
6. It is forbidden to advertise other events, organizations and products without asking for permission beforehand.This includes every form of advertisement (spoken, chat, Zoom banners or visuals in the background, T-Shirts  with ads and logos etc.). If you violate this term, we will suspend you immediately from the festival.

Explanation booking form:
Please choose “event” first. Write 1 in the box “Anzahl Tickets ohne Legi”. Please ignore the box “Anzahl Tickets mit Legi”