Important Information

Yeah, IsThereHop? 2021 starts in a few hours. Here is some important information for you to enjoy a fablous evening. Read through it carefully:


Make sure you use an updated version of Zoom. If you are familiar with Zoom and know how to interact (emojis, microphone, video etc.) you can go directly to “rules” (below).

If you are not familiar with Zoom, you might want to prepare a bit. Test Zoom ahead of the event (youtube tutorial). Check that you know how to

  1. Mute and unmute your microphone –> youtube tutorial
  2. Switch your camera on and off

If you want to test a bit more, also check where you can use emojis to interact or where the chat is.


  1. Login to Zoom with the name you put on the registration. Any name not on our list will not get access to the Streaming.
  2. Turn off your microphone unless it is your turn to say something to the audience.
  1. 3.    Don’t advertise for other organizations, events or products in any way (so no branded zoom-banners, no branded items in the back of your camera, no branded t-shirts, no announcements, no chat messages etc.). If you disrespect this rule, you can now longer attend IsThereHop? 2021. (Note that artists who perform at IsThereHop? and have talked to us in advance are exempt from this rule.)
    4.    Screenshots of artists are used only for personal use. Please don’t take screenshots from the audience.
    5.    Recording in any form of IsThereHop? is forbidden.


  1. We’d be sooooo happy if you’d leave your camera on. Because it is just way easier to interact with faces than with dark screens.
  2.  Dress up! We are sure your evening dresses and tuxedos will be glad to get out of the wardrobe after a long time.
  3. You can eat spicy food with a lot of garlic and it won’t bother anyone.
  4. Show artists that you like their show through gestures and emojis.
  5. Switch off your camera when you go to the toilet with your zoom-stream. Please!


Is there a dress code?
No, there isn’t a dress code. However, we think it adds to a festive atmosphere if you dress up a bit.

What can I do if I experience a technical problem?
Please make sure in advance that your internet connection is fast and relieable and that you know how to use Zoom. Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to help with technical problems. If something doesn’t work with your Zoom Streaming, it’s best if you ask a friend to help.

Why does this online event cost CHF 30.00?
We do pay fees to professional artists and we also pay for infrastructure and administration. This is why you pay a small fee to attend IsThereHop?.

Can I share my Zoom link with my friends
No, the link can be used just once for every registration. However, your friends can also register spontaniously for IsThereHop? and we will do our best to send them the Zoom link as soon as possible.