Call for Contributions

Do you know something about the Shim Sham that others don’t? Do you love singing? Do you know dance moves you want to share with the community? Are you good at giving elevator speeches? Do you know Lindy Hop jokes? Do you play an instrument? Anything else you are talented in? Well, then you should contribute to IsThereHop? 2021!


Send us an email until 26 March the latest and let us know in a few sentences or a short video:
A: What you are planning to present, sing, talk about, show…
B: How long it will take
C: Language (if the contribution is not music): Every language is allowed but keep in mind that English is the language understood by the majority of your audience.

Advice: It doesn’t need to be perfect as long as it is short (1-15  minutes)
More advice: It needs to connect to Lindy Hop and Swingmusic somehow..


The IsThereHop? team will select the best and most entertaining contributions for IsThereHop? 2021. We will contact you via email to inform you whether your application was accepted or not.

Advice: Rejoice if we let you know that you’re contribution was selected
More advice: Don’t be mad at us if your contribution does not get selected


We will contact you in order to check if a technical rehearsal is necessary in advance. Of course we’ll also let you know what time approximately you will be going live.

Advice: It is ok to be a little bit nervous. We are, too.
More  advice: We rely on you to be ready to sing, dance, present, talk when your time comes.


Code of Conduct
It is self-explaining that your contribution is respectful towards other people, no matter their gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, ability or appearance. Also please try not to exceed your time limit.

You are responsible and liable for the content you present. Please make sure, it is accurate and well researched!

If you participate with a contribution, your participation is free.

It is absolutely crucial that your internet connection works well and that you know how to use Zoom. If we think a test run in advance is necessary, we will contact you. If we don’t and you would like to test your contribution in advance, let us know.